e-mix DJ Software

e-mix Pro Edition

e-mix Pro Edition Black Skin

e-mix Pro Edition Black Glass Skin

The e-mix DJ Software offers all functions for professional mixing. The program can be controlled by one of the common MIDI controllers or easily by mouse. There are three editions of the software (Basic, Home and Pro) available at prices of 29.-, 49.- and 139.- USD.

A list of the supported MIDI devices can be found here.

The user manual can be downloaded here.

Product Comparison

Feature Basic Home Pro
Windows XP, Vista and 7 support x x x
Free Updates x
Audio and Video playback x x x
Supports all major formats (DirectShow) x x x
Player (2) 2 2
Monitorplayer 1 1
Jingleplayer (12) 12 12
Playlist (x) x x
Database (x) x x
Automix (x) (x) x
Effects (x) (x) x
Equalizer (x) (x) x
Mixer (x) (x) x
Recorder x x
Ripper x x
Wave and Beatgrid View (x) x x
Video support (x) (x) x
Navigator x x x
Multilanguage x x x
Skin support (x) x x
MIDI Controller support x x x
mp1200 Console support x x x

Detailed Product Comparison

Player Basic Home Pro
Play / Pause / Stop / Cue / Cue Play x x x
Seek x x x
Loop x x x
Additional Cuepoint 3 3 3
Pitch / Master Tempo (Key Lock) x x x
Pitchbend x x x
Scratch x x x
Auto BPM / Manual BPM / Tap BPM x x x
Auto Cue x x
Normalisation x x

Jingle Player Basic Home Pro
Play / Stop / Cue Play x x x
Loop Jingles x x
Adjustable Volume x x
Load and Save Jinglelists x x

Playlist Basic Home Pro
Load and Save Lists x x x
Import and Export Lists x x x
Autoplay x x x
Playlist Repeat / Shuffle x x

Database Basic Home Pro
Groups and Lists x x x
Automatic Lists x x x
Import and Export Lists x x x
Metainfo Editor x x x
Store Loops, Cues and BPM in Database x x x
Quick Search (Incremental Find) x x
Show Cover support x x
iTunes Integration x x
Track Analysis x x
Load and Save Databases x x

Automix Basic Home Pro
Tempo Synchronization x x x
Automatic Fade-In/Out x x
Automatic Beat Synchronization x

Effects Basic Home Pro
Sound Effects x x x
Vinyl Effect (Brake / Start) x x x
Loop Effect x x x
Reverse Effect x

Equalizer Basic Home Pro
3 Band Equalizer and Gain per Channel x x x
Kill-EQ Effect x x x
10 Band Master Equalizer (6dB/12dB) x x
Master out Limiter / Compressor x
Load and Save EQ-Settings x

Mixer Basic Home Pro
Master Volume x x x
Channel Volume x x x
Crossfader x x x
Configurable Crossfader Presets x x
Pre-Fade Listen per Channel x x x
Fader-Start x x x
Mic Input x x x
Additional Virtual Inputs x x x

Wave and Beatgrid View Basic Home Pro
Wave Overview x x x
Beatgrid View x x
Beatgrid Zoom x x

Skin Basic Home Pro
Controller Skin x x x
Basic Skin x x
Change List Colour x x
Controller Skin hideable x

Video Basic Home Pro
Play Videos x x x
Adjust Frame Rate x x x
Multi-Monitor support x x
Mix Videos x x
Transition Effects x
Show Logo / Background Images x
Show Metainfo / Cover art x

Audio Input/Output Basic Home Pro
Multiple Soundcard support x x x
Direct Sound support x x x
Kernel Streaming support x x x
WASAPI support x x x
ASIO 2.0 support x x
External Inputs x x x